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It’s no doubt that big charities have always for the most part been big cover ups and tax right offs. But in light of the recent natural disaster in Haiti and looking into which charity to give to it came to my attention that out of 500 million raised by the Red Cross, it was reported that only 6 houses were built from the money in Haiti. Haiti, born of slavery and revolution, has struggled with centuries of crippling debt, exploitation, corruption and violence. We scanned through a number of ‘Haiti’ based charities to see which was the most eligible to donate to, when looking through them I realised that most of them were actually based In America. The best option I could find was Haiti Communitere a smaller charity that is based in Haiti and provides not just emergency relief during hurricanes but also is community focused to rebuild and provide resources so that the Haitian community can function by themselves. We can not be on the ground helping right now but we can make the intention and give a donation to a well thought out charity. All the profits from our ‘our Lives Matter’ tees will go to the Haiti Communitere charity.


100% Pre shrunk cotton premium quality T shirt, hand screenprinted in London, England

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