Everything you have seen on our website is to try and draw attention to meaningful clothing so that we can get to give back… and maybe get back some of the money we have paid out unsupported to produce all that you have just seen….


OVER STAND US is a sound of confidence, kind of like “think more of us than you have been allowed to think”.

OSU (pronounced ooossss) is usually the response to a teacher telling you you are better than you think, and to put your heart into things that you think you are not capable of.


All of this is made possible by never quitting on our visions, and our start up budget made possible by funding from our beloved coconut market stall, ‘OSU COCONUTS’.

“Even if you have to stand on a street corner in the winter and chop coconuts to fund your dreams.  Put all doubts to the side, stand up, grit your teeth and get out there”