I look at it like this to date.  You were brought up on a culture made up of set patterns and sequences of consumption and behaviours, that have shown you serious consequences to your health and sanity, but even though it has become what you identify with as your community, that’s a dangerous trap.  Your need to belong has serious and dire consequences, the issues become the thing to survive and exist within, a desperate opportunity to show your ability to weather and become THE SURVIVOR.  But then you see some one from outside your dogma, looking calmer and more content than you, healthier than you and you resent their lack of issues, or even want to give them your issues so you can watch them not manage better than you, this phenomena I call, PASSING ON THE DEVIL.  A bloated, acidic sick body, that got that way through personal affliction and outer stress of living to pay ever rising bills and taxes just to be able to work your life away providing riches and privileges you will never have to your employers and their share holding partners.  These angry hearts then seek an innocent to infect with issues for the rest of their life too.  I don’t care if you wear a uniform or not, these sick types are uniform in trying to deform anothers view of life by using brutality to pollute the victims experience of their life, so they will walk their time in as much pain as your dark hearts and live the myriad of horrific symptoms because of this assault of their peace and optimism.  I have seen this stalking trapping, and infecting, through brutality mentally and eventually physically in the young to one another.  It pains my heart that a young person has been driven systematically to destroy the innocent optimism of another young person, because they resent and want another to walk the earth having a horrific episode just like they have had, that will change their life view forever, from hope to disappointment, walking the rest of their days contracting the memories of an episode or episodes that spoilt their hearts experience by coming to know what sadness is and it’s gradual debilitation on the soul.

This is worse than any transmitted disease and has maimed and murdered many, most times by the contractee taking their own lives rather than live with this passed on disappointment.  We need to be honourable and brave enough to live with our lot and leave those that have not experienced our misfortune to live happily with their fortune.  I for one will not be used to pass the horrors of my life on to you, that makes me bigger than just a tool of the devils bidding.  The plague stops with me.  Pass by people, you are safe from me.  I am stronger than the devilment I wrestle.  I will live a life of being the angel I deserve to be and that means keeping you free of the pain that was passed on to me………  ALLAHU AKBAR


Meat eater = industry and profit.

Vegetarian = industry and profit

Vegan = industry and profit

Fasting = direct self benefit, excluding empowering strangers that don’t care about you, and depriving these types from further flourishing in their apathy and mockery of us when we succumb to the toxicity and gluttony of their sudo sustenance.

You have a loyal friend in your body, it yearns to serve you, it’s allergic to some things, your sacrifices are a language your body understands as, I love you back , when it witnesses this it is happy and celebrates.


All the pre workouts, all the coffee, the sugar and caffeinated drinks, are nothing compared to putting a little time and sacrifice into flushing your liver, kidneys and gall bladder, and not to mention having the sense to take adaptogens in order to block cortisol and give your adrenal glands the therapeutic rest they need to bounce back and serve you even stronger.  If you want to have more energy, more stamina, and mental sharpness resulting in a feeling of well being, stop eating, concentrate on flushing your vital organs, forget calories, study nutritionally dense mineral full foods and get back to the real you.  My pre work out supplement, is gratitude and an empty stomach, but, blood fully loaded and fully clean ready for service and something spectacular.


More than capable of getting that bag, but I found the pen and pad add splendour to my average life, could of got scooped up and hand cuffed, judged and carted off to sesame street and get pointed out as…”big bird”….by those that copped a lesser sentence, my repentance is my penmanship, it gives me life to give to my little souls, that call me pop, I’m high on the honourable role that brought my violent robbing to a stop …  OSU


Every time you even mention “the old you” you keep it present, and that’s an intruder that does not deserve to pollute your new day, you are not made of the same cells, instead of letting your mind give credence to your past abuser, respect your present loving wonderful self and be mindful of that, your present self deserves all your attention, it will make your day and give you confidence for the future not to mention by your new past….get to work ….only the NOW IS REAL.


I start at an extreme deficit, then monitor how I feel and perform.  When my weight goes right down then I gradually add calories until I feel optimum.  My approach is the highest nutrition possible, most people focus on weight and forget the brain has needs and so does the organs.  So quality vitamin ,mineral and amino acids is a must for me.  I don’t want to abuse my bodies rights, just to focus on aesthetics, my aim is to minimise toxic consumption from our contaminated food supply, and rest the body away from continuous food manufacture.  Quality of life is my goal, in the face of those that don’t give a shit about lying to us about eating habits just for their goal of maximum capitalism.  My health is my rebellion and war on their pockets, operate on the minimum amount of food to keep me and my family sharp and happy, and the degenerates, out of pocket.  On all levels, wont need their drugs or hospitals or processed scraps.


I have been trying an eating structure called OMAD and warrior eating.  I do Omad one day which is the same as a nil by mouth fast from waking and then eat one meal when the sun goes down which I have modified to include all my high nutrient needs.  And then the next day, on waking [warrior eating day] I drink water.  Tea with adaptogens included: bee pollen, royal jelly, frankincense, brahmi, cider vinegar, phyto plankton, dandylion root, leaves, and flowers, nettle tea, baobab, dim [sorts out estrogen contamination] matcha, then when the sun goes down I eat.  When eating time comes on each day, I eat within a one hour window, then I only drink warm water till bed time.  I also eat vegan on one day, and lots of dark greens and an animal protein on the next , I swap between, eggs, fish, and lamb.  I make a point upon waking to immediately get out of the house and go for a run with seven sprints intertwined to kick start my ketosis avoiding the low of the switch over from using blood sugar to using my own fat stores for energy.

THE RESULT?………  I feel healed, balanced, calm energised, and mentally sharp.  I really believe the key to health and happiness is to abstain.  

Sending you all love.  LETS GET IT!


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While children’s lives are being terrorised by western bombs and bullets, other young adults in europe will still go clubbing at the weekend, get drunk, laugh their heads off and fuck each other.  This is where you can find the energy to change the way their leaders farm and slaughter the rest of the world.  These selfish young adults are your production, totally destroying their dynamics and real purpose in life because they don’t give a fuck as long as they benefit from the crumbs their leaders will give them to keep them compliant and pacified in their life of bluff and bullshit.


You feel tired, depressed?  Dandelions are everywhere, eat the flowers and leafs, dig around the plant and get the roots, brush them off and dry them to make tea, best steeped for the winter.

Believe me when I tell you this is what will cure you depression and tiredness, get out there and get them.  This is the break through you have been looking for.