Our reactions to atrocity have become text book now.  We have seen our play out so much that we can actually call it verbatim and nothing fucking happens or changes.  Virtue signalling is a disease that lets evil thrive, where are our dynamics, where is the soul, where are the bodies preventing the system that creates broken children that cant be fixed as adults?

What we are consuming is designed to give a symbol of power and prosperity but in actual fact has made us impoverished physically, mentally and physically.  We have been herded to consumer troughs and we have fattened our selves for disgusting slaughter.

The only thing we have in our hearts is…”i hope me and mine are not the next in line “…..

Stop feeding this inhumane system its strength to humiliate and consume you, expel it’s engineers and put experts with love for humanity in their hearts in their place ….  NOW


Your health will improve when you break your emotional attachments to big business.  The only reason these patronising polluters are loved by you is because you don’t know how to make a better version of yourself and rely on their pathetic offerings to provide this yearning, which never will be quenched.  Every time you purchase you only find you still feel the same.  Discontent with who you think you are!!!  For if you are purchasing something to feel better it only summates that the desire is there because you feel like nothing.  Why be in love with your insulters?  Why believe they are the builders of a better you?  they are not!!!  While you are listening to and watching them insult you with telling you what you need to be a better you, you are ignoring the truth that you are an amazing construct of miracles, all along and to come ……OSU


As a young man I was compelled to suck all the oxygen out of the air of anyone I felt might even be thinking of competing with me.  That set my focus and dedication on a level to the point I was unnerving to people that found themselves trying to pursue my chosen passions.  I no longer feel that aggressive intent, but i do notice still today a lot of people trying my chosen fields turning blue in the face.


Yes I can be violent and yes I like to fight, but I will never get away with dismembering a person until their demise out in the world.  And to tell you the truth that is not what my violent gift is for and was never for.  I have learned it was not put within me to do harm, it’s an energy for me to use to do good and it’s only arena is to be within me, wrestling and tearing apart the indoctrinations of self hate, the systems of people hate.  Every moment I am conscious and even in my sleeping hours I travel the landscapes of my bombed mind and find thought constructs that are trying to hide and hijack me.  I find the false hoods and smash their brains out with my gift of ferocity, I find them and choke them , dismember them and leave them torn apart.  Then I shout to my soul ‘IT’S SAFE NOW BE YOUR WONDERFUL SELF IN THE WORLD’.


Relaxing your whole body and ordering your mind to disregard everything but the moment you are in, is literally an instant cure to depression.  When your consciousness is only focused on your breathing and anatomical workings, the slow crushing of shame and worry stops.  The constriction subsides and your blood flow becomes freed, now all you can hear is the wonderful symphonic poetry of you.  This truth kisses your heart and your soul dances in gratitude, the power is free and in your own hands.  Thoughts have effect, yes, but your present ability to be alive has a truth that allows consciousness of that fact.  The easy ability to make the junk food of effect an insult to your life and a useless annoyance, thoughts are a shit puppeteer.  Consciousness of my wonderful workings as an anatomy, magically turns johnny from a manipulated reactionary doll into a wonderful curious boy again ………

My mind is back to what it is meant for, and my heart is back in tune….AL HAMDU LILLAH

YOU are just like me

When weak I have sought out rivals I thought were powerful, so I could outwit and crush them and use their destruction to empower me.  I was like a vampire that used violence to suck from them what I needed to feel strong.

Today I know that the whole useless process and constant need for it only compounded how weak I was.  I turned inward and fought my warped sense of weakness with facts.  Facts that I am made of nothing but strength and wonders and everyday that I get to open my eyes I pay my respects to the ensemble.

I am working in wonderful balance and harmony to allow me life.  I am friends with my micro and macro self, am amazed at how I am put together and how every atom of me has an amazing will to keep me realised.  I am far from alone and far from weak…. I am a wonder..and YOU are just like me.


Sitting down with two babies, one with head on left shoulder the other with head on right shoulder is the best feeling of being in the company of loving angels.  I always sit very still and enjoy the warmth of their little lives.  I’ll enjoy every moment that they choose to be generous in sharing with me because as they grow into their own journeys, this will all fade away and I will only have this time as a memory.  Being a father of many children, I am well aware that we lose our children quickly to the process of growing up.  I will mourn the loss of my babies as I journey into being with them as teenagers and if I’m blessed with old age, young men and women.


Be very careful about taking serious the kind of people that are looking for love.  They don’t see you, they are only interested in the feeling of love their ego gets from your attention.  As soon as they feel you are not constantly massaging their egos, these damaged people will look for another servant.  People that are not looking for love but are loving will have the ability to love with out demanding a reciprocation.  These people are the gems of life it is YOU they love, not the sensation.  Commanding love is far more honourable than demanding it and they deserve to be honoured, which is the highest response to love.


If you are a child that comes from a home with issues and maybe one struggling parent, plus processed cheap rancid foods that destroy the liver and you have been sent to school where your intelligence is assessed with exams, from an early age, the chances of you scoring high with such issues are very slim.  Polluted bodies and minds can’t perform well, this structure introduces the child to judgment from an early age.  How is the child to connect their lack of performance with their lack of average human privileges and nutrition , not to mention the right parental attention and connection.  Instead the child looks at the adults making it clear their intelligence is not up to scratch and believes that.  Is it any wonder the childs sense of self worth is shot to pieces and they will seek self worth OUT SIDE OF THIS STRUCTURE THAT DECONSTRUCTS THEM in other ways, most time easy access self worth like crime.

All the media does then is bombard us with the image of these so called fruit gone bad, when all along it was their shitty root of the problem that created this disaster in the first place.  TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH!!!!

Build a childs self worth based on great manners and self gratitude, for at least the first seven years, through play and cooperation plus free organic school dinners, then lets see how they score.



The Jews and the Palestinians are being used to occupy each other while another entity is taking advantage of their distraction and ours.  While that entity is busy robbing the land of more resources, all conflict is misdirection.  While the rich continue their parasitic and life hating antics, they have found out through their over indulgence very quickly that nothing is helping their insatiable misery.  So knowingly or subconsciously they want their misery to have company.  Their house is not a home, so they want us homeless, their issues don’t allow them to love their children the way it is supposed to be, so they poison us to the degree we can’t give our children the love they deserve and our children carry on the same symptoms.  Life has become a mirror to them and all they see is life don’t like them.  So they want life dead.  The rich are not greedy, they are suicidal and they have the power to act out their Tourette’s.  While we are in it’s harms reach, these peoples hubris is hungry for some sort of sense of power.  They blame the creator for their emotional prison, they hate their creators position, the ego is so insane that it feels the only safe place is to become god.  They try to “create”, but find themselves dictated to by the laws of physics, so instead of running shit, they merely have been allowed.  So they opt to be destroyers, this is how they feel power.  But I have some bad news, they have merely been allowed to destroy, because that takes physics too.  Unity of all people is the only way to stop , capture and treat these mad people.  The more we don’t master the organics that purify and fortify the human, the more time we will sit in this lunacy.  We need to live the shifa then invite the sick to the medicine.  We know through practice and flourishing works , may our faces shine with the life we thrive in and may we broadcast it and share it with all.  wa ALLAHU ALIM