While children’s lives are being terrorised by western bombs and bullets, other young adults in europe will still go clubbing at the weekend, get drunk, laugh their heads off and fuck each other.  This is where you can find the energy to change the way their leaders farm and slaughter the rest of the world.  These selfish young adults are your production, totally destroying their dynamics and real purpose in life because they don’t give a fuck as long as they benefit from the crumbs their leaders will give them to keep them compliant and pacified in their life of bluff and bullshit.


You feel tired, depressed?  Dandelions are everywhere, eat the flowers and leafs, dig around the plant and get the roots, brush them off and dry them to make tea, best steeped for the winter.

Believe me when I tell you this is what will cure you depression and tiredness, get out there and get them.  This is the break through you have been looking for.


I would like to share with everyone that has tried fasting.  Especially those that have consumed things that have really hurt your system.  Damaged internal organs and glands wont just jump to your demands because you decided to fix your life up.  They have to heal from the constant consuming and constant contamination in place of good nutrition.  Your system has not had a break and is tired and broken.  So when you fast the weakness you feel is actually your body making you slow down and move slower according to the medicinal rest it needs to get back to function.  People see me fast and I am still able to function at a high energetic rate, that’s because I paid my dues and my organs are healed so they don’t need to convalesce as much.  

So don’t be arrogant and inconsiderate, you did damage so now its time to listen to your bodies needs so your body can forgive you and get back to being a great friend…. 


When I come out of my inner room I realise the stress and tension that people live with because they are totally unaware of the real atmosphere they should be connected to.  When I first started to practice my inner room visiting I became very sad when I peeped out into the external world and thoughts.  My heart was jolted into an alarming rate, that rate that I used to live with until I found a place internally that allowed my heart to react to the inner environment at a different pace, a pace that I knew was healthy for my whole anatomy and mind.

I would also see that my body and skin had changed as a result of the healthy atmosphere of my inner room visits.

I saw how critical my health was because of the atmosphere of the outer world and my old thought patterns because of the outer world.

I was so sad and then angry at the world I saw people stuck in, totally unaware of their inner world and it’s wonderful gentle loving truth.

I dont hate people to the degree that I used to, I feel sorry for them.  I yearn to show them what I know, the key to health, quality life and optimism lays with the consciousness of your own self.

Deep inside and away from your usual thoughts and desires giving you a moment to appreciate the pulse of your own life living passionately for you.

I make sure this wonderful universe united in it’s verses of singing to me my complexed perfection.  My system systematically loving is healthy and free from the disturbance of health issues, the horrible noise of cellular acid and pathogens, has been shut down.

These days I found I thrive responding anatomically to the inner atmosphere.  I AM.  I no longer visit, it is where I reside.  It’s where I IS, and enjoy being AM.  Today it’s the out world that gets small visits, so I can leave trails to this birth right.  OSU


I get very affected by negativity, injustice, bullying, racism and all the low energy shit, to the point i get depressed and even angry to the point that I can lash out.  BUT HERE IS WHAT IT REALLY MEANS, I am sensitive and open to the degree I can be affected by an energy that it’s origin and truth will play out right back at you.  So what does this mean if the energy is love? I WILL LOVE ALL OVER YOU.

You see, your sensitivity is a proof that you are open and alive, the low energies are painful and for some sensitive people it’s like being actually burnt and consumed, to the point their vital organs stop working properly and they will become very ill, leading to death in most cases, by the immune system breaking down or the mind breaking down.

All my sensitive people you are here to teach how to love deeply and be grateful, and that means you have to stay open.  Parents watch your sensitive children closely, teach them how to move away from negative energy and concentrate on finding others that love to love, so that natural openness allows them to be the loving machines they were born to be.  

I know it can be hard, catching every energy.  But don’t quit, we all need your love..and thats a life worth living …..  OSU


I realised today that I don’t really like to listen to the music I make, what I enjoy and love is the thrill of trying to find the words and how I place those words, then how I have to find the cadence and rhythm to compliment a beat.  I also love the challenge of trying to get the subject I am trying to convey complete within the time limit of the beat.  I love the sport of trying to perform the work well in front of an audience, after I have gone through the process of memorisation.  Listening to the recording of the art is nothing compared to putting the art together and recreating the recorded moment live, that’s the sport I love.  I also love creating movement patterns and collecting un armed combat options, this is where you will find johnny at play.  This is where you will find johnny facing his fears of not being able to fulfil his passion that highlights his proof of life.


Some privileged kids have been made to believe that resources are life itself and a necessity for self definition.  So if the resources diminish this type of child is likely to start to shut down and panic leading to desperate and psychotic behaviour.  The child that was not brought up in this stupidity is far more equipped to deal with lack of resources in a healthier manner, the reason being they have lived without even basic needs and found they have survived just fine.  My advice to the deranged egos of these materialistic parents is, follow the ways of those you are so desperate to be better than and produce children with strong spirits and the wealth of bravery.   OSU


There is a dulling when you consume or even think about consuming, but when you fast from all indulgences there is a clarity that can only be described as being fully awake.  This is about the cycle of life, bacteria dictates our life span and quality of it and yet no one wants to study the culture and nature of such a powerful dictator of our lives.


Please do not be crystallized by what people told you life is and how you should be in it.  You are the bringer of life that no one has seen before, you are the expander beyond those confined ideas and fears.  For all of our sakes show us a new world, you have been wished for to show us this before you were born, we asked for you to be here.  Ignore our fears and open our eyes to more life….  OSU


I just want people to live the hell out of their lives literally.  I am saddened by all the lives that are not lived.  So I’m obsessed in trying to help as many people as I can live their lives amazingly.  People are wonderful, they are just imprisoned by wrong perceptions.  The greatest phenom in life is a fearless full of joy person, they posses the greatest wonders humans will ever see and I want to be amazed everyday of my short life.  I love you all in my unique confusing way.