Honestly how easy would it be for everyone to have enough if we only took what we needed. We are bred into the more is better mentality, enough will never be enough until we realize and value what we already have. I’ve always found, travelling the world and interacting with countless types of people from every range, that it truly seems those who live more modest lives are the ones that have found the real meaning. They value people instead of things. Substance over status. We are all in this together, we are all family and this world is all our home. It’s time we started treating it, and eachother, with the love and respect it/we deserve.

  • Kevin ‘Soul Assassin’ Ross


When I was an alcoholic and drug addict (as if there is a difference).  I remember going into the room where all my clothes and shoes were, and the shoes were covered in dust and the clothes had some spider webs on them.  In fact when I walked through the door I felt spider webbing on my face.  At that moment my poetic mind which was still alive told me, “this is what it will look like when you die”, when chemicals are firing off the brain, from the neck down stops wanting to move, life no longer stimulates and to this day life is still a little dull, because my brain had been taken into a life or death space.  Everyday I woke up I was a survivor, but i was not living.  I was locked up in prisons for being violent because of a polluted brain and nervous system.  Was ALLAH saving my life?

I was locked up 23 hours a day so I was not about to go down the block by being caught taking drugs.  So I ate well read books on addiction and discovered a word that changed my life REVERENCE.

I force fed myself every detail of life I could.  I watched myself move and read books on the workings of my anatomy.  I looked at pictures of nature.  I prayed and counted my blessings.  But I knew my mind can get bored with “normal life”, so I became a movement student and pushed myself to extremes.  Extremes that competed with the chemical extremes and won.  Then I told my whole being we are going to live a life of service.  All of me got excited.  It’s a beautiful curse so to speak left behind by addiction, because I can’t sit still and I have to feed my mind challenges.  Then I send the best drug of all to my system.  GRATITUDE .

DRUGS ARE FOR COWARDS MADE COWARDS BY BAD PARENTING AND SCHOOLING, That was ME using drugs to drop out.  I understood the guy waiting to die and I sympathised.  That’s why I am taking him on this amazing journey.  He is grateful to me and does not fear ME any more.  I give him nice clothes with no dust in sight because waiting to die is out of the question when you can live so dapper, while being proof of life itself.  WELL DONE JOHNNY.  WELL DONE………  OSU


The only time to fight is for something you would give your life for.  Anything other than that is merely personal emotional and psychological issues.  To compete in order to sharpen your fighting in order to fight well for something you would die for is a healthy and honourable past time as long as it is only to prepare for the fight for the something you would die for.  OSU


I feel it and know it, my early effort is to pull back and sit quiet, this is done with an intent, to not hurt anyone, this in itself is changing the angle because for generations the people who I was born amongst hurt others when their warped D.N.A asked them to follow it’s mutated pattern.  I’m just getting my structure used to not reacting the same, my body sits still but I still feel the movement of rage. I am waiting for my body to be convinced that its OK not to follow the old patterns, that it is actually better, and life will be better, but for now the best I can do, is sit in my silent cave and protect other souls from me.

Just as I was writing this, both my children woke up, and came in the bed with me.  Haha, you see everything is showing me a different result if I choose human concern, and most of all care for myself.


Had a nice rest, tomorrow I am back on my grind.  I missed it, still a bit foggy, afraid , confused at times, numb, tired, grumpy, short temper, but I also have experience not to act on how I feel.  It’s chemical and will pass, haha.  Ignorance is a c@nt that will no longer keep me in the STD of confusion.  I know myself b%&ch and my rhythms.  So everybody is safe from me, thank god.


Addiction is not about the object, it’s about escaping from what is giving you discomfort and pain mentally , emotionally or physically.  Diving into indulgences to the point of perpetually wears on the body and mind to the point of threatening and causing complete breakdown through exhaustion of the structure through no rest.  It’s a full time job of self abuse to escape from you.  There is an easier route, connect with the complexity of you till you come upon the Divine.  That’s the greatest pain killer, and actually enhances life not take it.


There is a lonely moment in the process of when someone is taking there own life and just before they make themselves a fatality.  That lonely moment is when their whole being lets them know they really don’t want to die.  It’s the lonely moment of knowing that no one will ever know that you really did not want to die but instead every fibre of you wanted to LIVE.  I say this on behalf of every person that has died by suicide, and it’s what they wanted me to pass on to all who are living.  NONE OF US REALLY WANT TO DIE.  NONE OF US


People who’s lives mean nothing more than fear and restriction can one day decide that its not fair and with disbelief mixed in that nothing will change about their plight they will seek justice by having others endure their predicament.  They lost their belief that they can be up on the average persons level of happiness so they decide to drag the average person down to their level of misery.  This is when atrocities are engineered to spread a feeling of uncertainty, fear and restriction in your life because of these elements IN THEIRS.  My heart goes out to all the victims of these humans who have broken down and solidified in there view of existence.  I for one will be looking out for any person that shows signs of breakage when it comes to living optimistically.  The only thing we can do is be there for each other and help one another to change our personal life view.  I too was at a stage once where I wanted the world to feel as miserable as me, but my loved ones would not let me calcify in this dangerous mind state.  They kept my hope alive with their love and patience with me.  They stood up to me and challenged my cynical life view and even suggested things and practices that could change that.  My big sister has a simple but powerful medicine, when speaking to me she only describes me in precious and valuable terms.

Pour your heart out to every human you come across, let your heart pour through your smile, your look, your hand shake, your hugs.  Let us all kill any potential killer with our love, Lets globally disintegrate any idea of murder and terrorising behaviour before it becomes physical in it’s manifestation.  Let the only tangible of intent be LOVE AND SUPPORT.


If you are an educator and you are not sharing the truth of the brutality that built this present system our children live in, then you are working for and support the brutes.  All educators have to be revolutionaries and educate the new generation to not follow the ways of the brutes and not support their mocking ,destroying system.  Instead we should produce children to destroy this barbarism and implement a world of unity, love and play.  Only then will we expand, amplify and preserve the humanity they were born with and have a right to.


Demonise a people to your country men, get your country men to spend their time making weapons, and paying each other a wage to do so, then go to war with those people you have demonised.  Devastate them because they are not as bent on war as you, put in place tyrant leaders educated in the same schools as you, so are in love with being just like you.  Have them sell your corporations and their want to be richer and better share holders the land of these terrorised people in order for it to be raped of it’s precious resources so the have mores can gloss over their ugliness with “shiny things” and when the land and victims are devastated, start all over again on another part of the earth. Have your apathetic country men work night and day to support your ugly polluted carcasses in suspending your reality.  YOU NEEDY LAZY F#!KING PARASITES.  This is what it’s all about, I’m WOKE.  So I don’t waste my time ingesting your lies.  I’m a soul.  SO F!@K OFF, I’M NOT YOUR HELP.