Got us looking around for potential enemies, while they are right in your neighborhoods.  You and your children have not been allowed an education that will allow you the finances to feed your families medicinal food.  You’re kept in a service state to your despisers.  Bills are to threaten your survival life.  You live an existence of cortisol and adrenaline.  You and your children’s glands are exhausted and minds haunted with not making it through another day.  There is no sense of security amougst the flight or fight with hair triggers.  Taxed heavily you provide the good interest from banks for the privileged who enjoy seasoned tax breaks, from governments who do nothing about this nutritional divide between them and you because they are not for you.  They are for the few that get to feed their children the non toxic remedies which allow their young to carry on the tradition of looking down on you and yours.  Accuse you of being prone to mischief and disruption when there is clearly a cause.  This structure is structured to keep a divide between the meandering privileged and the rushing to work poor, who’s life is only to generate more healthy life to those that love this divide and thrive on it.  This is not the way the cookie crumbled, it is being crushed in front of your face so that a few can amplify the privilege they pick at at leisure and most times waste.  Anything other than clean one item food is national abuse so the threat to national security are the few that don’t care about the slow destruction of your organs inside you.  Make clean food a standard for all humans, or there is not humanity hubris.