I feel it and know it, my early effort is to pull back and sit quiet, this is done with an intent, to not hurt anyone, this in itself is changing the angle because for generations the people who I was born amongst hurt others when their warped D.N.A asked them to follow it’s mutated pattern.  I’m just getting my structure used to not reacting the same, my body sits still but I still feel the movement of rage. I am waiting for my body to be convinced that its OK not to follow the old patterns, that it is actually better, and life will be better, but for now the best I can do, is sit in my silent cave and protect other souls from me.

Just as I was writing this, both my children woke up, and came in the bed with me.  Haha, you see everything is showing me a different result if I choose human concern, and most of all care for myself.