Your internal organs are as innocent as babies.  When your ego pushes their creator aside and you claim ownership, lets see what happens next.  Those of you that believe you have a right to pursue things that alter your mental state because you do not live in the therapeutic sate of gratitude take your innocent organs into poisonous past times.  You cause your organs damage and despair leading to internal terror.  You turn to your organs and claim “this is my life and you have to live with it, I dont care about what you have to go through to live with me, if you dont like it kill me “.  You can imagine the psychological problems of people like this, you hurt your innocent body, then you try to treat it better only to keep your body around to torture it again.  To me it’s like you have kidnapped innocent children and keep them alive to abuse them.  Is it any wonder after so much periodical abuse your body falls out of love with you and grows to hate being inside you, to the point it plots your death in secret and then one day, they jump you and kill you without remorse.  Your body has enough proof that you are an innocence abuser and need to be put down.  This abusive behavior is even taught to children by parents because like your internal world you act it out in the outer world and teach self hatred to your children.  Who taught you to not value yourself like this to the point you think it’s normal and even fun to abuse the innocent parts of you like this?  When you really analyse this you are nothing more than a child abuser, your inner organs are as innocent as the day you were born, they did not grow up they remained the same and intend the same since before you were born.