People who’s lives mean nothing more than fear and restriction can one day decide that its not fair and with disbelief mixed in that nothing will change about their plight they will seek justice by having others endure their predicament.  They lost their belief that they can be up on the average persons level of happiness so they decide to drag the average person down to their level of misery.  This is when atrocities are engineered to spread a feeling of uncertainty, fear and restriction in your life because of these elements IN THEIRS.  My heart goes out to all the victims of these humans who have broken down and solidified in there view of existence.  I for one will be looking out for any person that shows signs of breakage when it comes to living optimistically.  The only thing we can do is be there for each other and help one another to change our personal life view.  I too was at a stage once where I wanted the world to feel as miserable as me, but my loved ones would not let me calcify in this dangerous mind state.  They kept my hope alive with their love and patience with me.  They stood up to me and challenged my cynical life view and even suggested things and practices that could change that.  My big sister has a simple but powerful medicine, when speaking to me she only describes me in precious and valuable terms.

Pour your heart out to every human you come across, let your heart pour through your smile, your look, your hand shake, your hugs.  Let us all kill any potential killer with our love, Lets globally disintegrate any idea of murder and terrorising behaviour before it becomes physical in it’s manifestation.  Let the only tangible of intent be LOVE AND SUPPORT.