This was never going to be about my life, it was going to be images of a productive human being pursuing an idea to rid his D.N.A. of the rage and self hatred passed onto his D.N.A by the rapists that hated the women they stole and brutalized because of their innate hatred of my people.  The anger and hatred of the white man who fathered a lot of my gene pool is in me.  I am ridding myself through research and knowledge of his shapes and returning to my birth right of being my own.  This can be presented in the narrative and the remedies I practise to purify myself of the bile of hateful rapists of the women in my gene pool, not to mention all the resultant self hate of the victims of the systematic destruction of the original self love and honor of my innocent ancestors.  For me to break out of this Willy Lynch curse is an amazing thing and proves that even after more than four hundred years of brutality and slandering that carries on to this present day this system does not have the power they claim.  I am proof of that.  It did not break me and nor will it, and that is proof of something more powerful than brutality and no matter the contamination of my genes.  Who I really come from will rise up and be me and help me back to my right shape.  I am ridding myself of even any phenotype of this f£@king evil.  Google epigenetics.  This is deeper than the details of my life, it’s the distillation, ridding and immunity of the cause of my life and all it’s confusion and pain.  The wonderful interesting remedies I have been gifted to use in this process is what I deserve after all this hateful sexually transmitted disease.  I don’t know if I have enough time left to cleanse my D.N.A to the degree I would like, but I’m happy with the work so far.  All I hope and wish for is those with youth try my patterns and enjoy more time spent on these patterns than I have been allowed.  The results I’m sure would be beyond our present imagination.