OK I suppose I need to do this.  Any attack staged or by programmed people is to gauge what and who you find important.  The same people playing with you and studying you are the same people that show you disasters and murder of innocent people across the world.  You know the plight of Palestinians and Africans, Syrians and many other victims that are not from white lands.  It is documented that you did not worry or feel outraged on the same level as you did when sh#t happened locally, much like the jews that were exterminated just around the corner in Germany, you keep their plight alive, but when it comes to the genocide of Africans in the Congo that makes the jewish situation look like a drop in a pond by comparison you say nothing.  So it is clear when the online data is shared in meetings by the parasites they will have no worries that you will react or protest to their next demonic move on foreign lands, you won’t care that they murder children, rob those lands of their precious resources and displace people.  The data proves clearly you only have emotions for your own, they will even show you footage of their atrocities in the near future and you wont give a shit.  You will virtue signal and share the footage for clicks and likes on your pages, then get back to selfies and pictures of your shitty food.  They are right about you, you really are a bunch of Goyims.