What if I told you that everything you learned from being a child right through to adulthood was from people that were in fear and everything you know and do is an echo of their fears which formed their perception of the world and so their behaviors and desires.

How you speak, interact , fashion and fads are all based in a reaction to fear and all of these things are picked up by your nervous system as “something must be wrong “.  Everything you do is based on an obsession with being strong and not vulnerable which indicates there is something to be strong for, there is something to make sure you are better than.  What a tiring corrosive life, hoarding as if you are going to starve, reaffirming power as if your going to be powerless.  Your whole life is a re run of fearful people from their fear full times and you claim to be yourself.  Be honest with yourself, and drop this vibe that is not you.