The Jews and the Palestinians are being used to occupy each other while another entity is taking advantage of their distraction and ours.  While that entity is busy robbing the land of more resources, all conflict is misdirection.  While the rich continue their parasitic and life hating antics, they have found out through their over indulgence very quickly that nothing is helping their insatiable misery.  So knowingly or subconsciously they want their misery to have company.  Their house is not a home, so they want us homeless, their issues don’t allow them to love their children the way it is supposed to be, so they poison us to the degree we can’t give our children the love they deserve and our children carry on the same symptoms.  Life has become a mirror to them and all they see is life don’t like them.  So they want life dead.  The rich are not greedy, they are suicidal and they have the power to act out their Tourette’s.  While we are in it’s harms reach, these peoples hubris is hungry for some sort of sense of power.  They blame the creator for their emotional prison, they hate their creators position, the ego is so insane that it feels the only safe place is to become god.  They try to “create”, but find themselves dictated to by the laws of physics, so instead of running shit, they merely have been allowed.  So they opt to be destroyers, this is how they feel power.  But I have some bad news, they have merely been allowed to destroy, because that takes physics too.  Unity of all people is the only way to stop , capture and treat these mad people.  The more we don’t master the organics that purify and fortify the human, the more time we will sit in this lunacy.  We need to live the shifa then invite the sick to the medicine.  We know through practice and flourishing works , may our faces shine with the life we thrive in and may we broadcast it and share it with all.  wa ALLAHU ALIM