OK check this, when you are about to do something globally, before you waste your money on something that might not work,you do it on a small scale first.  Gentrification is a good example.  Move rich and wealthy white people into non white and working poor areas and let them use their superior finances to lift the look of the area.  Bring in better restaurants and shops serving top quality wears and let a materialistic youth view this as progress.  Now you have a generation of on lookers believing that these rich white types are actually improving things where ever they reside.  THIS IS GROOMING, for when they are ready to do this openly on a global scale no one will complain when they displace people and move in themselves.  The prep has been under way for years, sending pictures and film all over the net where the next generation consume their world view of africa being ruined by it’s own people.  Is it any wonder they now are fucking up England and America and taking more and more money for the elite and their children.  They are getting ready to move to what they call Arabia and Africa and move the people of color to their slum of countries.  That’s the mind state.  Privilege needs to have poverty to stand next to and compare itself.  It was only a matter of time before these health food devils decide they are tired of importing the fruits of the earth.  Why not live in the paradise that produces the bounties and bum rush heaven.