Demonise a people to your country men, get your country men to spend their time making weapons, and paying each other a wage to do so, then go to war with those people you have demonised.  Devastate them because they are not as bent on war as you, put in place tyrant leaders educated in the same schools as you, so are in love with being just like you.  Have them sell your corporations and their want to be richer and better share holders the land of these terrorised people in order for it to be raped of it’s precious resources so the have mores can gloss over their ugliness with “shiny things” and when the land and victims are devastated, start all over again on another part of the earth. Have your apathetic country men work night and day to support your ugly polluted carcasses in suspending your reality.  YOU NEEDY LAZY F#!KING PARASITES.  This is what it’s all about, I’m WOKE.  So I don’t waste my time ingesting your lies.  I’m a soul.  SO F!@K OFF, I’M NOT YOUR HELP.