purchase Keppra online Johnny B.A.N.G. Reilly, is a voice over artist, and co founder of OSU:

“After years of being asked to write letters and poems to express peoples feelings to their friends and loved ones, and talking on peoples behalf, to collect debts, and reunite people, and even convincing a desperate homeless girl to keep her baby, who is a healthy loved family member today, I drifted into the world of collecting words to affect feelings, provoke thought, and instigate discussion.

Sometimes I would read these words and had my attention drawn to the texture of my voice by my listeners, who convinced me that it has a special affect and makes the words even more of a joy to experience.  A friend of mine said I should do voice-overs, so I thought, I’ll give it a try, but needed a way to present myself in a way that would be unique, and I would stand out in the voice-over world.  My head voice said ‘put all the things you are good at on film, and use your words and voice to give them more life, that way people will see your talent for giving image, and subjects life’.

I have a friend called Ben that sells fresh coconuts at a Sunday market, so we got together, found different ways to make coconut drinks and food from the coconuts, and found other markets to sell our ideas, so we could raise the money to buy a computer to edit on, a camera, lenses and feed ourselves while we go on this journey.

We worked around the clock on inventing drinks, food, words, visuals, movement, dance, websites, photos and whatever else that will come to mind to draw an audience and businesses that might want a word collector and reciter to pen and voice what ever they want to get across, and now maybe even film makers, with a sideline in sport and casual clothing too, not to mention coconut pancakes and self invented fresh coconut drinks…our reality gave birth to our description and my physique …….OSU…….sponsored by OSU Coconuts